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Terms & Conditions

Baby Basic serves as a virtual shop for the purchase of clothing products and other baby products. The provisions of these Terms shall apply to any use and purchase in this Store and constitutes a binding contract between you and the Store. Read it carefully. The terms are formulated in the masculine form for convenience only, and they refer to men and women alike. Only customers aged 18 and over are entitled to use the site and make purchases. The approval of the credit card company for the transaction is a necessary condition for the validity of the transaction. Purchasing a product via the order form or by telephone order constitutes your agreement to accept and approve of these Terms and Conditions. Purchasing a product in the store constitutes your agreement to accept and act according to these regulations, so if you do not agree to all the terms of these regulations, you are requested not to make any use of the site.

The site offers a wide variety of products. The information about each product is displayed next to each product image. In the event that the product you ordered is missing in the manufacturer / importer / supplier's stock, our representative will send you an appropriate message via e-mail and / or by phone. BabyBasic reserves the right to suspend, cancel, or refuse to provide a product and / or service offered by it on the Site, in the event of the customer supplying information that is out of date, incorrect, incomplete or incorrect at the time of the order placement or subsequently, or if it has the reasonable basis to assume that
such an event occurred, with or without notice

Images shown on the site are for illustrative purposes only, and there may be discrepancies between the images displayed on the site and the products actually sold. The content of the site does not constitute advice and / or recommendation, ordering a product and / or service from the site is done it “AS IS” and the customer bears the sole responsibility for placing an order. 

The only payment methods available for making purchases on the website is through PayPal and credit cards.

All prices listed on the site include VAT, unless noted otherwise. BabyBasic may change the price of the products, handling fees and shipping without notice, the valid price is the one  advertised on the site at the time when the ordering process is completed. The prices published on the website are special prices for online users, and the items require purchase through the site.

After selecting the product, you must enter the necessary information in the marked fields. If you are ordering products from BabyBasic for the first time, please select a password and enter it in the space provided. In the future, when you request to order additional products, you will be identified by your email address and the password you chose or sign up via Facebook or Google.

We do not allow combining the offers or double discounts.

 – Applies to the lowest price of the products in the shopping basket.

–  The offer is valid until we run out of stock

–  Valid for the operations area where the products are located, and not for all products on the site.

If at the time of placing your order you provide incorrect information, we cannot guarantee that the products will reach you. In case your purchase is returned to us due to incorrect and / or incomplete details you provided, you will be charged the shipping and handling fees. Please make sure to provide accurate and updated information. Submission of false information is prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of the Penal Law of 5737-1977 and / or in any law. Whoever does so, is liable to be prosecuted in criminal and civil proceedings.

BabyBasic site will ship you the products you ordered within up to 14 business days from the date of the credit card company’s receipt. Delivery time for products missing from the BabyBasic warehouse is up to 30 business days, unless specified otherwise. Please note that business days are Sundays to Thursdays, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holidays eves and holidays. We are doing our best to bring the delivery time forward. The site’s management and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not bear any responsibility for delivery delays in the following cases: if did not leave all the details required for the order, events that are not under our control such as strikes, downtime, computer and communication problems, e-mail service malfunctions, or natural disasters. In areas with limited security access, BabyBasic will be permitted to supply products to the customer in a nearby acceptable location, coordinated with the customer in advance.

The personal information provided at the time of booking will be stored in the website’s database to complete your purchase. The site’s management invests much effort into maintaining your data safety, and undertakes the necessary measures to prevent breaching of the site and any potential harm to users’ privacy. However, it is not possible to rule out disruptions completely and therefore, you declare that you will have no claim, demand and / or legal claim against the operators of the site and / or anyone acting on its behalf due to such damage, malfunction and / or disruption.

The management of the site reserves the right to update these Terms of Use from time to time, change and / or detract and / or add details about the products and / or services offered on the site, at its sole discretion and without the need to give any notice in advance. The validity of such change shall commence from the moment of its publication on the Site.

As a rule, a customer may cancel the transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law of 5741-1981. Cancellation shall be done only by notice sent in writing and / or by e-mail directly to BabyBasic at info@babybasic.co.il. 

In the event of cancellation of a transaction due to a defect, discrepancy between the product supplied to the ordered product, delay in delivery, or any other breach of the contract, no cancellation fees will be charged. Returning a Product when a transaction is canceled not due to a defect, an incompatibility between the product supplied to the ordered product, a delay in supply or any other breach of the contract – will be performed by the customer. The product must be packed in its original packaging and / or be in the same condition that you received it. To return the product, you must send it by registered mail to BabyBasic 6 Kishon Street, Tel Aviv, zip code 6609306. After returning the product, you will be credited with the price you paid for it, with the deduction of the shipping and handling fees, and with a deduction of a cancellation fee of 5% (+ 3% of the cancellation fee imposed by the credit company, or 100 NIS, whichever is lower. If the product is returned not packaged in its original packaging and / or in the condition it has been received in, and / or used and / or altered in any manner, the site management may not accept the return, in which case it will await collection by the customer and / or sent back to him for payment. In the event of ordering a non-standard product and / or a product that isn’t found in the BabyBasic warehouse and / or a special product ordered according to the customer’s request, the product return policy will not apply, and payment for this product will be complete even if not supplied to the customer due to cancellation of the order. When ordering products without the delivery/ installation option, the customer will have to collect the item within 30 days at the BabyBasic warehouses. Shall the item not be collected, the customer will be credited with the sum they paid, with a deduction of a cancellation fee of 5% (+ 3% cancellation fee of the credit card companies), or a fee of a 100 NIS, the lower of the two. It is agreed that the shop may cancel a transaction or sale in whole or in part, in the following cases: an unintentional error has occurred in the price and / or description of the product, communication failure and / or a technical problem that prevented the surfers from using the site in a proper manner, or if the product is out of stock after the sale took place. Notice of such cancellation shall be made by telephone and / or by e-mail.

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The site management reserves the right to change the prices, content and the Terms and Conditions of the site from time to time, at its sole discretion. The site management is not responsible for the content appearing on the various sites linked to this site. Errors are a common occurrence, and if a mistake is made in the description of the product or the price list, or the price of the offer or the delivery, BabyBasic will not be obliged to comply with it, provided that it informs the customer of the mistake.


These Terms and Conditions have been compiled in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. The sole jurisdiction for any matter and dispute herein is vested in the competent courts in the Petah Tikva District.

For inquiries and questions in the process of purchase or after purchase, please contact the reservations department of the website, by e-mail info@babybasic.co.il 24/7 Sunday through saturday. 

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